Why Board Management Software is Essential for a Company Secretary?

Jun 29, 2023


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the term “board management”?

The responsibility of managing the activities of a board of directors is usually assigned to the company secretary or the board secretary of a company. It involves tasks such as coordinating gatherings of the directors, providing them with accurate and timely information, and fostering their involvement in developing corporate-level strategies in addition to various other pre-meeting, during meeting and post-meeting activities.

In order to achieve these effectively, a tool becomes necessary to ensure that the various painstaking and meticulous activities involved in board management are conducted accurately, efficiently and effectively.

The Dess Board Management software serves as a tool that helps board of directors, entrepreneurs, executive leadership and the board secretary to productively organize board meetings, committee meetings and streamline their board operations.

What is ‘Board Management’?

Board management involves facilitating effective communication between the board members, management executives, attendees and invitees among other participants to ensure the organization’s goals are efficiently pursued.

The board assumes the responsibility of devising the company’s strategic direction and overseeing the implementation of corporate policies, aiming to guide the company towards achieving success.Usually, the CEO, Company Secretary or Executive Assistant takes charge of coordinating board meetings and compiles the agenda, which is shared in advance for the board’s approval.

Essentially, board management entails establishing a collaborative relationship between the board and the management team as well as the  meeting organizers and external participants.

To foster successful board management, it is advisable to adhere to established best practices that promote desired outcomes.

What is ‘Board Management Software’?

Dess Digital Meetings is the board management software for corporations that works as a valuable resource for effectively managing engagements of your board of directors. It not only facilitates the execution of meetings but also enables you to monitor progress, generate minutes of meetings and reports, track previous strategies, and plan for future ones.

The essential components that included in the board management software are:

  • Scheduling tools to easily organize and schedule plan meetings
  • Communication tools that help with constant connectivity among board members and management – before, during, and after meetings.
  • Automatic agenda management and sharing tools for convenient preparation, finalization and circulation of board meetings agenda as well as its supporting annexures and attachments
  • Note taking and minutes management tools that help easily manage meticulous meeting documents and proceedings of each meeting, ensuring quick digital approvals, future references and legal compliances.

Using the ‘Board Management Software’

Dess Digital Meetings is a comprehensive meetings management software platform that brings all meetings activities in one app for board members and makes it easier to collaborate. By making meetings more effective, Dess supports your board in conducting board operations, achieving board objectives, and accomplishing board tasks. Along with an end-to-end board portal solution, our dedicated concierge level customer support team is always available to help you with a quick presentation of Dess Digital Meetings’ distinctive features. Book Demo

Why to choose Dess Digital Meetings Software

  • Accessible board data: Managing board of directors collaboration involves the responsibility of maintaining records of previous meetings as well as helping with upcoming meetings’ data in a time-critical manner. By using the board management software solution, you can effortlessly access the past, present and future versions of various types of information, including board meeting minutes, meeting agendas, resolutions, board evaluation, action taken reports, draft minutes among other documents – all in one click. Archiving physical documents has become impractical. By embracing the board management software, not only can you save paper and resources, but you can also conveniently access these essential documents, along with sorting and filtering and anytime and from anywhere, without having to rely on archaic and outdated systems. 
  • Shorter meeting times: The board management software streamlines and expedites board meetings by incorporating a wide range of facilities and bringing disparate sets data on fingertips. These include seamless file access for participants, timely preparation and circulation of agenda items. By consolidating all necessary elements within a single platform, the meeting management software eradicates the requirement for administrators or secretaries to manually prepare, gather and distribute information to board members
  • Increased engagement: Board management software enables board members to actively participate and provide inputs prior to, during, and after board meetings. It eliminates the necessity for redundant interactions by allowing members to share their insights on projects at any time. By keeping the board engaged, it promotes their commitment to fulfilling their responsibilities and staying informed about the company’s advancements consistently, rather than solely during scheduled meetings.
  • Save costs and most importantly – time: Choosing the Dess online board meetings software helps with cost control in areas of technology and administration. It also contributes to ESG goals and most importantly – it optimizes the use of the time and availability of board of directors and executive leadership. With one-touch video conferencing integration, digital signature integration, email and calendar integration among other integration features, the Dess’ board portal solution also improves the Corporate Secretary’s efforts and time better in addition to the board of directors and leadership. Many prominent boards also use Dess to improve their ESG goals which promote better sustainability.  


Dess Digital Meetings is a proven, comprehensive board management software that efficiently manages the complete cycle of remote, hybrid, and in-person board meetings, encompassing pre-meeting, during-meeting, and post-meeting activities. Read the following resources to see how Dess improves different areas of board meetings and how it makes Dess the  right choice for your board meetings: 





About Dess:

Dess Digital Meetings is the world’s easiest-to-use board portal software for paperless board and committee meetings. Leading organizations in over 25 countries prefer Dess as their choice for efficient and effective board management software.

Dess believes in enhancing the value of information globally by harnessing unstructured data to empower the right people at the right time using the right technology. With its group of highly competent and motivated people, it has implemented several first-of-its-kind solutions.

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