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Dess Digital Meetings is the complete Board Meetings Management Solution, providing easy pre-meeting agenda preparation, agenda distribution, and collaboration. Dess enables a smooth transition from a paper-based, email-based, or tool-based setup to a more efficient and effective Digital Board Meetings Solution. With over a decade of experience, Dess helps to prepare, organize, collaborate, and finalize paperless board meetings – all in one App.

Features That Cover the Complete Meeting Cycle

Agenda preparation, agenda management, and agenda navigation can be more straightforward. Dess Digital Meetings Software Solution helps Corporate Secretaries, Executive Assistants, and meeting administrators create what they need and allows Board Members, CXOs and Directors to navigate voluminous agenda papers easily.

With Dess Agenda Management Solution, you can enhance the quality of collaboration at important board meetings, eliminate redundant costs, efforts, and other resources spent on meeting preparations, board meetings solution and handle any changes in the agenda made at the last minute.


More Collaborative and Effective Board Meetings

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The ability to annotate, scribble and comment on meeting documents from any device and selectively share the annotations ensures easy collaboration for Board Members and Directors. Dess’ Board Meetings Solution is engineered with intelligent design thinking that lets you work more productively.

As an effective Board Portal Software, Dess. provides an online platform to keep the Board of Directors up-to-date with critical board packs, even in remote areas with limited internet connectivity. Having seamless information access and board resources makes it easier for the Board of Directors to share, vote, sign and collaborate on strategies during, before, and after meetings.

Across The Board Digital Meetings

From board meetings and committee meetings management to pre and post-meeting approvals, voting and surveys, performance evaluations, and much more, the Dess Board Meetings Solution makes end-to-end meetings more effective. The Paperless Meetings Solution provides flexible notifications and intuitive reports for even the most complex meeting activities. As a board governance software, Dess provides a holistic dashboard organizing all governance activities along with detailed reports.


Dess Workflow

Dess Workflow – Easy Business Processes for All Departments

Without needing any technical experience, easily create on-the-go workflows which adapt to the needs of your teams and departments.


One-click case creation

Create a case in one-click, link it to agenda items and action items along with attachments, for effortless tracking

Ad-Hoc Assignment

Assign rights to team members with desired visibility to data. Easily modify your preferences and reassign even during an on-going process.

Status and Analytics

Access customizable dashboards and intuitive reports to derive the next action, even for intricate department processes.



Years of Experience


Digital Board Meetings vs Conventional Board Meeting



  • EPainstaking meeting processes become easy to manage
  • EBetter preservation of past, present and future meeting documents
  • EAccommodate last-minute changes with ease
  • EProvide secure access anytime, anywhere, even when offline
  • EManage endless volumes of board documents effortlessly
  • EChase multiple different emails, paper packets or puzzling tools
  • EDetached tools for related activities such as voting, calendars, attendance, video conferencing among others
  • ELast-minute and real-time updates to agendas and meeting documents are difficult, painstaking and at times, impossible
  • EManually conducted meeting processes leading to highly qualified personnel's injudicious use of precious time
  • ERisk of inaccuracy and inconsistent accessibility of corporate records including meeting documents, notices and calendars




  • EPainstaking meeting document preparation and approvals become easy to manage.
  • EBetter preservation, archival, and retrieval of past, present, and future meeting documents
  • EAccommodate last-minute agenda changes quickly with the agenda management solution
  • EProvide secure access anytime, anywhere, even with limited internet
  • EDefine multi-level access control for extensive volumes of board documents.




  • ECan’t receive agenda from disparate sources in one place and need to chase multiple different emails, paper packets, or puzzling tools
  • EDetached tools for related activities such as voting, calendars, attendance, performance evaluation, and video conferencing, among others
  • ELast-minute and real-time updates to agendas and meeting documents are difficult, detailed, and sometimes impossible.
  • EComplexities in meeting processes lead to highly qualified personnel's careless use of precious time.
  • ERisk of inaccuracy and inconsistent accessibility of corporate records, including meeting documents, notices, and minutes of meetings

About Dess

Board meetings can be of different types, such as virtual board meetings, hybrid meetings, or physical in-person meetings. As the complete board portal solution for electronic agendas, Dess Digital Meetings Solution is compatible and uniquely works with disparate arrangements. It provides an integrated, intuitive interface to the Board of Directors, Leadership, CXOs, Corporate Secretary, and Executive Assistants, which brings the best of agenda management, document collaboration, video conferencing, compliance, and surveys in one place.

Founded by Dilip Ganeriwal, an Ambassador scholar and a graduate of the University of Miami, the University of Delaware, and IIT Bombay, Dess Digital Meetings has grown significantly to become the preferred board portal solution for prominent organizations in over 25 countries. Dess focuses on machine learning, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence research while incorporating the latest corporate governance trends to offer its clients the highest quality solution. In addition to its operational efficiencies and technological benefits, the Dess Board Management System helps clients with their ESG goals and compliance requirements.

Case Studies

Digital Meetings Solution For Punjab National Bank By Dess 

Considered among the largest and oldest financial institutions, Punjab National Bank moved to Dess Digital Meetings Software for efficient and effective board meetings and committee meetings.

Board Portal Solution for AirAsia by Dess

A leading multinational airline, AirAsia has improved its board meetings efficiency with Dess Digital Meetings

Digital meeting solutions for Deloitte by Dess Digital.

Deloitte, a global leader of professional services, has used Dess Digital Meetings to improve agenda preparation and minutes management among disparate meetings activities.

What Our Customers Say?

“We have been using Dess Digital Meetings application for Board and Committee meetings for more than 2 years and found it very easy to use and feature rich.”

Mr. Gorav Arora

Company Secretary, Apollo Tyres Limited

“Dess Digital Meetings is very easy to use. Our directors and secretarial team are delighted with the experience of going digital and the ease of use.”

Mr. Lancy Varghes

Company Secretary, JSW Steel Limited

“Going digital is extremely useful at a time like this. We are able to take advantage of Dess Digital Meetings. Dess constantly innovates to maximize the value to their customers and are the best vendor to partner with.”

Mr. Dhaval Soni

Company secretary, Zydus Lifesciences Ltd

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