about us

Our Story


Dess Technologies has evolved into one of the most complete digital meeting solution provider for businesses looking to move beyond paper-based meetings with flexibility and security. With more than 10 years of insight, we help organizations go paperless for their meetings with ease and security. Dess always goes the extra mile to provide hand-holding, training, support and customization for its users. Dess digital meetings is most trusted solution by leading Indian and global brands. Dess is one system inclusive of agenda management, collaboration, workflow and document approvals. Developed and supported by in-house engineers, Dess provide end to end solution for clients.


We are on the mission of bringing ease and efficiency in governance, collaboration, and content distribution as a whole



We are an organization anchored by integrity, accountability and transparency.


We are passionate for quality technology and strive to offer excellence and simplicity.

Agility & Flexibility

Our technology evolves every day to innovate and to creatively solve client problems.


Clients and their success is the focal point of all our activities and all our goals.

Our Founder

Dilip Ganeriwal

Managing Director

A B. Tech graduate from IIT Bombay, our founder’s vision and deep-seated passion is to leverage evolving technology to solve real-world problems.

Life at Dess

Dess rose to its position of market leadership because of its client focus, which reflects in our work culture. Today, we are a global team striving to make a meaningful impact for our clients through our digital meeting technologies. Our colleagues carve their own path with a focus on ownership, an entrepreneurial spirit and creative problem solving. We believe that high growth is achievable through personal peace and prioritizing work-life harmony.