The Importance of Digital Meetings Solution in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Oct 1, 2021

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the way we understand the word ‘workplace’. It no longer denotes the conventional office, physical interactions, conference rooms, and so on. With staying indoors becoming a norm since the start of the pandemic in 2020, workplaces have taken the digital route to stay afloat and thriving. Every function that transpired in a physical office has now gone online, including meetings.

A survey conducted by Institute for Business Value revealed that the pandemic accelerated digital transformation at 59% of the organizations they surveyed. 66% of these organizations said that they were able to complete initiatives that previously encountered resistance.

The Increasing Relevance of the Digital Shift

With each passing day, the importance and popularity of digital meetings solutions are growing. Companies are realizing that a digital meetings solution is the best way to adapt to the rapidly-changing times. The pandemic has changed not just the present scenario of the work culture but also its future. There is a palpable shift in people’s approach to a workplace which is likely to stay even after the pandemic ends. Aware of this and charged with the need to innovate, companies are opting for digital meetings softwares that equip them to conduct their meetings virtually. Be it agenda management or board meeting collaboration, the right digital meetings solution is capable of a mighty lot. Additionally, such a solution is not just crucial in the pandemic time but also extremely cost-effective.

How Digital Meetings Solutions Come Through?

With the concept of remote work, paper-based systems are becoming increasingly obsolete. Digital solutions can integrate all necessary data into a centralized system, thus eliminating reliance on a paper-based system. The centralization of data on a digital platform is not just practical but also flexible, faster, and free of manual errors. While email-based systems were resorted to at the beginning of the pandemic, they are not as efficient and secure as the alternative in the discussion. Loss of data and lack of
engagement are common with email-based systems.

Digital meeting software and solutions bring along a plethora of benefits that don’t just enable organizations to function but even boost productivity. Besides the obvious benefits of increased participation and reduced time consumption, the digital shift allows companies to work with remote as well as global teams on a single platform. With data being accessible in more ways than one, there is flexibility in forming agendas, collaboration, and better document management. Exercising functions like
annotations, highlights, modifications, comments, etc on the required documents becomes seamless. The digital system eliminates the need to carry physical agenda papers to the boardroom. It makes it possible to distribute any type of content to any number of people with just a single click.

Furthermore, the digital meetings software lives up to the requirements of complete security and cyber protection. It enables companies to conduct all types of meetings- no matter its magnitude or volume of documents- in a convenient centralized setting. When everything functions on the same platform, companies can expand and grow without the software losing its effectiveness or relevance. The software also integrates current data and offers solutions that are tailored and customized to best suit the company’s needs.

Dess Technology, a Leading Solution in the Domain

Dess, a revolutionary solution in its league, excels at helping organizations go paperless in their meetings. It fuels the productivity and potential of companies by empowering them technologically. The dynamic digital meetings solution by Dess is ideal for document-oriented or confidential meetings. It is not just user-friendly and secure but also tailored to the respective organizations. It enables smooth board meeting collaborations and agenda management. Reducing company costs, mitigating risk, and increasing the value of digital solutions are at the center of Dess Solutions. With solutions that work across devices like laptops, tablets, android, and iOS, a digital transformation with Dess is simple and easy.