Optimizing Virtual Meetings: The Five Best Practices by DESS for a Great Virtual Meetings Experience

Oct 16, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic revolutionized the world in many ways. Workplaces all over the world have witnessed significant changes due to unprecedented lockdowns and sudden confinement to home. With meeting face to face being a threat to health and safety, organizations of all kinds had to go digital to keep functioning. Almost two years since the pandemic, the digital shift in workplaces still exists. Meetings, being a key function in every organization too have gone virtual. Be it a board, committee, or management meeting, digital meetings have been the only practical and convenient solution in the pandemic. Even when restrictions eased, organizations realized that conducting virtual board meetings is a better and faster mode of functioning. With the shift to virtual meetings still on the rise, it is pertinent to understand the relevance of digital meetings software and how organizations can acquire a seamless virtual meeting experience. Here are five best practices that facilitate a smooth Online Board Meetings:

  1. Having the Right Technology
    The most primary requisite of digital meetings is to have an apt platform to conduct the same. Dess is a smart board meeting software that fulfills this requisite with its range of specific features. The software has an integrated video conferencing system that enables companies to conduct their meetings virtually, with undisturbed ease. With the software being tailored to the needs of the respective company, the digital meetings experience by Dess is smooth and user-friendly.
  2. Ensure Compatibility, Ensure Accessibility
    When conducting meetings online, companies need to ensure that the technology being used is compatible with the diverse devices used by their employees. This ensures that the digital shift is easily accessible to all members of the firm. The dynamic software by Dess works on all devices, ranging from iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones to laptops and desktops.
  3. Data Integration is Key
    A seamless digital meetings experience goes hand in hand with paperless functioning. Carrying agenda papers and other documents to every virtual meeting isn’t just impractical in the pandemic scenario but also tedious in general. A dynamic solution like Dess eliminates this need by offering a paperless digital solution. With Dess Technology, companies can integrate all their data into a secure, centralized system.
    This system enables employees and meeting members to share, receive, and engage with data in just one click.
  4. Prioritize Agenda Management
    Having the agenda in place makes a significant contribution towards ensuring a productive meeting. Agendas form a key part in giving structure and goals to a meeting. The same must be ensured in online board meeting.. Dess makes agenda management easy with its smart technology. Members can create and make changes to the agenda with ease. With the provision to note ‘Remarks’ and ‘Comments’ in agenda files, members can work the agenda as they want.
  5. Create a Real-time Experience
    Meetings are a dynamic sphere where a lot transpires amongst a group of people. The same should be the case when meetings go digital. Functions like engaging with the documents shared, highlighting, note-making, etc should be possible. The virtual meetings software by Dess equips members with all the features they need to exercise different controls in a meeting. Navigating to different pages or switching between multiple documents is easy. Members can also make comments, take notes, create minutes of the meetings, share minutes with all invitees, scribble, or simply highlight sections as they go about. Dess understands the dynamics behind a productive Online Board Meetings Best Practices. Understanding the needs of the evolving times and adapting to them in the best possible manner is what lies behind the increasing popularity of Dess. Robust and meticulous in its functioning, Dess delivers an experience like no other.