Bata India has initiated a digital transformation to modernize boards and systems by implementing Dess

Dec 3, 2021

Bata India is the leading manufacturer of footwear in India and is part of the Bata Shoe Organization.  With operations in 70+ countries, Bata along with Dess has tackled the challenge of achieving an efficient and secure board communications system while strengthening corporate governance requirements.

Project Overview

Before implementing Dess Digital Meetings, meeting information was sent out through a secure email. Hard copies were printed and handed out at the meeting after which these were shredded along with any notes directors had written. After comparing multiple solutions, Bata decided on Dess as their one stop solution. The agenda management, annotations, collaboration for documents, approvals, and evaluation were among the few flagship Dess features provided to Bata along with some custom enhancers to match the their requirements. 

Challenges & Solutions 

1. Geographically dispersed board 

With 10+ board of directors and the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it became increasingly difficult to prepare and distribute material to a geographically diverse board. This process was also inefficient and costly. 

The company secretary had to work addition hours in order to meet deadlines and other requirements and often directors did not have sufficient time to review agendas and other information. They also have a very conscientious board, and providing directors with up- to-date facts and data was their top priority. Video conferencing also became a crucial requirement and as per their request, was intergraded within the software. Hence, with Dess Digital Meetings, Bata was able to streamline all pre, during and post board meeting activities at ease and without depending on any 3rd party applications. 

2. A robust solution to enable seamless conduct for large volumes and data protection 

Bata is a large company that carries out multiple meetings throughout the month. These meetings consist of important data that range thousands of pages. With Dess, their workflow is now paperless. Board members have been able to receive and access information much more quickly, improving meeting preparation and decision-making. From a security perspective, the fact that document access can be changed only to allow the intended audience and its two-factor security, makes Dess the appropriate choice. 

3. Seamless Integration of past data

Due to our historic data integration, Dess was able to ensure that no previous data of the company would be lost. Hence, the solution provided Bata with all the necessary information they required at their fingertips. Be it previous agenda papers, or minutes of the meeting, they were able to acquire all of this information easily and securely.


Dess is trusted by leading boards because of its quality solution-making and flexible. 

approach. Bata along with Dess, has taken a step towards a digital transformation through which we modernize boards and systems.