Enhancing Board Governance with DESS: How DESS Can Help You Improve Your Board Governance

Oct 16, 2021

Good governance lies at the core of any organization’s growth and success. Boards have a crucial role to play in this governance wherein they ensure that the company is running with efficiency. Board governance affirms that all stakeholders and shareholders involved with the company get their expected returns while also keeping the company on track of its long-term and short-term goals. Over the years, and especially since the pandemic, companies have caught onto the fact that technology can be of a mighty help in further facilitating their board governance. The Covid-19 pandemic taught the world that relying only on human resources may not be enough in tumultuous times. Switching to technological solutions for better board governance has proven effective time and again.

The Role of Technology in Enhancing Board Governance

The primary feature of any digital solution is that it brings never-before-experienced ease of functioning. Board members can work anywhere and anytime they want, across multiple devices. Governance management solutions reduce the time taken to complete any particular action with no
added travel time or cost. Instant access to board packages and concerning documents gives board members more time to read and review the agendas and committee reports. This in turn leads to better decision-making. A workflow management software also increases transparency while reducing the scope of human error. Be it accessing or revising meeting agendas, making changes to documents, or simply accessing any required material, boards can do it all within seconds with governance management solutions.

Dess Workflow Software and How It Enhances Board Governance

The workflow management software by Dess delivers the best of these technological advantages for better board governance. Robust and specially designed with years of industry research, it is aimed at facilitating the various functions of your company’s board. Here are just a few of the things that Dess can do for your board.

  • Dess creates a smooth end-to-end workflow, ensuring that your board meetings are always effective. The wide range of tools available on the software makes agenda management seamless. Board members can create, share, and edit agendas whenever they want with just a few clicks.
  • The Dess workflow management software is comprehensive and equips the board to exercise a huge range of functions. Be it streamlining the flow of department purchase approvals to management-level credit approvals, Dess does it all.
  • The software also has an in-built digital signature provision for seamless documents approval and VC integration for collaboration.

At the core of the entire system, lies the promise of cyber protection with Dess. The software’s action-oriented features operate on a secure system that ensures that your actions and data are always safe.

Evolving with the changing times is the only way to stay abreast in the world. Acquiring technological solutions can be extremely empowering for your company’s board and its functioning. An integrated solution like Dess makes the process of digitally empowering your board easy with its user-friendly systems, dynamic tools, and commitment to a smooth and speedy transformation.