testimonial 6

“Dess Digital Meetings solution is a very useful tool to automate board and committee meetings. It helps directors to access agendas electronically and write comments on the same. It helps save a lot of papers and hence the environment. I recommend my felow...

testimonial 5

“The Dess Digital Meetings is easy to use. We are glad to have adopted this solution for our board and committee meetings. Its enhanced features makes the otherwise tedious agenda preparation processes very easy. I had the opportunity of implementing this board...

testimonial 4

“Dess Digital Meetings is very easy to use. Our directors and secretarial team are delighted with the experience of going digital and the ease of use.”

testimonial 3

“Going digital is extremely useful at a time like this. We are able to take advantage of Dess Digital Meetings. Dess constantly innovates to maximize the value to their customers and are the best vendor to partner with.”

testimonial 2

“Dess Digital Meetings can be used across multiple devices, with ease of navigation giving complete paperless experience to the Board of our Company and Secretarial teams.”